S.F. Faces War of the Pizza Bands: Personal and the Pizzas vs. Macaulay Culkin

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Time to choose sides in the great pizza band war.
San Francisco, the pizza band wars are on. You've undoubtedly heard that Macaulay Culkin's pizza-themed Velvet Underground cover band, The Pizza Underground, recipient of oodles of Internet hype, is playing here in S.F. at Neck of the Woods on March 5.

But here's the thing. San Francisco already has its own pizza-themed non-tribute punk rock band called Personal and the Pizzas, and has for a long time. (Yeah, they might seem like they're from the pizza belt, but they are based here.) And our local chain-dragging, brass-knuckle-packing neanderthals don't take too kindly to actor boys from New York coming out West and getting all up in their pizza steez. In fact, they've already threatened to kill, then sue, Culkin's group. And now the rivalry is all coming to a head here on the streets of San Francisco, because Personal and the Pizzas are also playing here on March 5 -- a free show at Hemlock Tavern.

The war, then, is on. And today, via Emusic, Personal and the Pizzas told The Pizza Underground where to stuff it, with a tasty new dis track called "Death Threat." Take a listen:

Now we have some important questions to grapple with, folks. Namely, what's more gooey, cheesy, and satisfying: a bunch of thug-rockers from San Francisco who've been making this pizza gimmick a thing for years, or a newbie crew from New York, famous because of Home Alone, that rewrites Velvet Underground songs to have lyrics about pizza?

We can't speak for you, dear reader. But we definitely know where we'll be on March 5.


-- @iPORT

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Wilson Linker
Wilson Linker

Krista ! Jessica ! Its getting deep! (Not deep dish, thats disgusting)

Dan Rincon
Dan Rincon

Lindsey Voorhees we might be playing march 1st in LA. U gonna be around ?

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