David Bowie Is Too Cool For Awards Shows

This week's music news, via the mouths of musicians:


"I just watched Ellen Page come out! Wow! What a speech! Congrats! #HRC #TimeToThrive"
Lance Bass, in the audience, as the actress came out at a Human Rights Campaign Event (Twitter)

"Never underestimate the courage it takes to be yourself. Giant hugs to @EllenPage."
Tegan & Sara (Twitter)

"Very beautiful Ellen Page!!! IM very happy for you!!! You are free!"
Ricky Martin (Twitter)


"You maniacs didn't actually think David Bowie was gonna be here? David Bowie's too cool for that. He doesn't do this shit!"
Noel Gallagher announcing David Bowie's British Male Solo Artist win at London's BRIT Awards

"In Japanese myth, the rabbits on my old costume that Kate's wearing live on the moon. Kate is from Venus and I'm from Mars. I'm completely delighted to have a BRIT Award for being the 'Best Male' -- but I am... aren't I, Kate?"
Kate Moss, reading out David Bowie's insane acceptance speach at the BRITS

"There's that 15 quid we put on One Direction to win, down the drain..."
Alex Turner, Arctic Monkeys frontman, accepting the British Group BRIT Award


"You can't say I didn't warn you. Now sit back relax and enjoy the show. #bangerztour ...Save your complaints for the McDonald's drive thru when they forget your 'fries with that'"
Miley Cyrus responding to parents who expressed outrage at the sexual content of her new live show (Twitter)

"Oberst requested that Faircloth recant her false accusations, but she ignored the requests... Oberst has thus been forced to proceed with this libel suit... in order to clear his name. Oberst intends to donate the proceeds of this suit to charities benefiting the victims of violence against women."
Conor Oberst is suing a woman who accused of him of rape in the comments section of a xojane.com blog

"Eddie was dead serious -- he wanted me to join the band... In retrospect I would have loved to have played with Eddie and the guys. I haven't always made the right decisions from a career perspective..."
Yes, Patty Smyth, we'd have liked you to sing for Van Halen as well (Delaware Online)

"I mean, it says for a whole month you've been sleeping together. That's pretty serious. How much more serious does it get, unless you're pregnant or something? That's a really serious thing. That's a real relationship."
Stephen Malkmus answering questions (possibly incorrectly) for Rookie's "Ask A Grown Man" series

-- @Raemondjjjj

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