Elbo Room Owners: We're Not Closing

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Not going anywhere any time soon.
Last week, we posted about a report on local real estate blog SocketSite pointing out that the owners of the building that houses the Elbo Room had put together a very preliminary plan to replace the bar and club with a residential structure. The plan is very tentative and has not been formally filed, but as the news spread, it was taken by some to mean that club's closure was imminent. As the owners of the Elbo Room clarified in a statement yesterday, this is not the case:

Elbo Room is not closing.
The building owners (friends of our, and former owners of Elbo Room, who wholeheartedly support live music), just made an inquiry, with no plans to act on it anytime soon. They just want to know what they can or cannot do with the property way down the line.
There is absolutely nothing changing about the Elbo Room.
We really appreciate your support, kind words, and concern...
Come by and say hi, have a drink, enjoy a show!
We Love you!

Matt Shapiro & Erik Cantu
Elbo Room

The "inquiry" referred to above is the preliminary project assessment we linked to in our original post. Basically, it's like giving city planners a preview of a project proposal to see what issues they might have were it to be formally submitted. That process occurred last year, and you can read what city planners had to say about the residential proposal at the end of the letter.

However, as the statement above makes clear, the owners of the building would first have to submit the actual proposal for the new structure, which they have not done and may only do "way down the line," according to Shapiro and Cantu. (Who, as those with presumably the closest relationship with the building's owners, should be a trusted source on this matter.)

Conclusion: the Elbo Room is not going anywhere any time soon. Go there and drink and dance at your pleasure.

-- @iPORT

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Jessica Tovar
Jessica Tovar

they are not doing this homework for nothing... gentrification boom rears it's head!

Steve Tidd
Steve Tidd

Gee, I was waiting to hear about that. It's so fascinating. In other news, the Denver Broncos suck.

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