Watch the Incredibly Strange New Video For Cass McCombs' "Big Wheel"

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We don't really know what's going on here, either.
Here is a list of things you will see in the new music video for Cass McCombs' "Big Wheel," a droning trucker-rock tune from his excellent new album of almost the same name:

- Bloody fingers
- San Francisco City Hall
- Some green bug
- A dog and its person
- Clips of television people with their faces blanked out
- A plane flying shakily
- Cheesy 1980s VHS video effects
- Dancers or actors performing in a park
- Big words like "nothing," "freedom," and "heart."

But, you know, listing what is in this video really isn't going to help us, or you, understand the meaning of these images as they flash quickly by. You will just have to watch it:

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-- @iPORT

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