Watch: Iamsu! and the HBK Gang Light Money on Fire in "Never Goin' Broke"

Categories: Rap, Yay Area

Feel-good hit of the winter
Say what you will about the HBK Gang -- they make rap music that puts a smile on your face. Iamsu! and his increasingly world-famous crew of East Bay rappers specialize in buoyant, bouncy party anthems that make you want to grin hugely while doing all kinds of bad (or at least indulgent) things. "Never Goin' Broke" is the latest video missive from the HBKers, a goofy posse cut with a dizzying fisheye video in which Iamsu!, P-Lo, Kool John, Jay Ant, and Skipper each take their verse in front of the camera at a big hilltop house. They even burn some cold hard cash. Take us at our word when we warn you: There is some serious fun being had in this video...

-- @iPORT

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