Watch: French Horn Rebellion's "Caaalifornia" Is a Visual Love Letter to S.F.

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Two small Brooklyn dudes, one big beautiful city
Stop whining about the sniping poors or the selfish rich for a few minutes and remember what you love about San Francisco: It's fucking gorgeous. Leave it to out-of-towners French Horn Rebellion to make a goofy video -- casting themselves as two 12-inch dudes haplessly chasing the hottest hottie they've ever laid eyes on -- that shows our lovely burg in all its resplendent glory. While the song "Caalifornia" itself might be dance-pop pap, they did choose a nice setting for this video:

-- @iPORT

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Jenny Sophia
Jenny Sophia

The green bench at the 3:01 mark - WHAT PARK IS THAT?????

Brittany Grisham
Brittany Grisham

Do they actually play the French horn? I saw a guy alone playing the French horn in Lafayette park this week or was that a coincidence??

Brandon Martin
Brandon Martin

That was lame. BTW we learn whining from the French.

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