Watch: A Mini-Doc on Carletta Sue Kay, Possibly S.F.'s Most Indescribable Band

Carletta onstage
Describing the particular allure of a performer or a kind of music isn't often easy, but some acts make it harder than others -- and usually that's to their credit. San Francisco's Carletta Sue Kay is such a performer. The plot-level summary of what this act is doesn't really work, because Carletta Sue Kay is so much more than a man in drag singing old-seeming, wounded songs in an incredible voice. The best way to explain it is to simply show it to people. And that's what Out of Focus TV's Loren Risker and Tina Liao have done in a new, 10-minute mini-documentary about Carletta Sue Kay. The final installment in a series called American Music, their Carletta film blends interviews with Carletta's Randy Walker and others -- including fans and noteworthy local musicians -- with electrifying footage of the band onstage. If words often seem unable to capture the spirit of Carletta Sue Kay, this documentary comes closer. Check it out:

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