All Hail Usher's "Yeah," Still Making You Crazy 10 Years Later

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The cover art for Usher's "Yeah!" single
Since the music world is obsessed with anniversaries now, it seems only right to point out that Usher's "Yeah!" -- a Billboard-topping, platinum-selling, culture-saturating, Lil-Jon produced steamroller of a Crunk&B song -- turns a decade old this week. The fact that this song still retains its potency 10 years later should be self-evident; if it isn't, go ahead and play it again right now until you never want to stop hearing it. But be warned -- even though it's only Tuesday, you may suddenly feel inclined to acquire a case of champagne, turn off the lights, invite a bunch of licentious friends over, and play "Yeah!" until you all do things you'll regret until the song's 20th anniversary. In fact, if you do not have to fight the urge to be a naughty person every time you hear this song -- or at least to run around chanting "Yeah!" in response to everything -- we kinda feel sorry for you.

-- @iPORT

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