Top Five Niners Rap Anthems to Blast Before Sunday's Game

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Who's got it better than us?
You know what's happening Sunday in Seattle. We don't have to tell you. But we do want to help you get pumped up. To that end, we're presenting the top five Niners anthems to blast all this weekend, before -- and hopefully after -- Sunday's NFC Championship. Crank up your speakers, 49ers fans, and let these blare:

5. Heat -- "Home"

Possibly the most poignant anthem here -- likely 'cause it's the newest -- Heat's "Home" is a fond remembrance of all the good times at Candlestick Park. Those may be over, but this season isn't yet.

4. Ashkon -- "Niners in Paris"

You'll have to forgive the out-of-date Alex Smith references, because seems like not too many great Niners anthems have come out in the Kaepernick era. Regardless, Ashkon followed up his world-famous S.F. Giants anthem with a 49ers take on Kanye and Jay Z's big hit from a few years back. He doesn't disappoint.

3. Solidarity Co-op -- "Faithfully (49ers Rap Anthem)"

That piano hook from Journey's "Faithfully" is so wistful. It makes a great riff here, as a sizable crew of rappers reminisce about their memories of Niners greatness and past Super Bowl victories.

2. D-How The Money Mayka -- "Solid Gold (49ers)"

Here we have a take on Drake's "The Motto," once again good enough that you should let the old team member references slide. Yes, the Niners are moving out of S.F. after this season. But we still love them just as much, don't we?

1. Bailey -- "Who's Got It Better?"

The answer to this one is obvious, but Bailey turns the famous question into a solid hook anyway. Bonus points for killer S.F. footage, and many regular points for having the best song here. Go Niners!

-- @iPORT

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