The 10 Best Things You Missed at the Rickshaw Stop's 10th Anniversary Festival Kickoff, 1/7/14

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The Spits at Rickshaw Stop last night. Photos by the author.
The Spits
Violent Change
Crez DeeDee
Tuesday, Jan. 7, 2014
Rickshaw Stop

Better than: Artisan marshmallows.

1. The members of the Spits, a garage-punk band originally from Michigan and now from Seattle, wore black hoods that looked disturbingly Druidish (is that a word?) and had metal studs in them, it appeared. Meanwhile, their drummer looked like Iggy Pop in 1973, only wearing Joker makeup. Or maybe it was Iggy-Pop-in-1973 makeup, we couldn't tell.

2. The Spits said, "This is our last song," like, five times, and each time, played another song. Maybe that bottle of whisky onstage had them confused.

3. The Spits were so loud we wanted to die every time we took our earplugs out.

4. The drink special of the night was called the "I Spit on Your Grave," and consisted of Jose Cuervo, pineapple juice, and sour. One cost $6. If you ever encounter such a beverage and wish to have a more interesting-than-usual evening, we recommend drinking three of them very quickly.

Violent Change
5. Second act Violent Change played wonderfully disjointed guitar pop, but did not play it long enough for our satisfaction. Also, the trio's guitarist-singer affected a Billy Bragg-style British accent whenever he sang, which added just the right amount of sourness and longing to the songs. He wore all white and held a white Stratocaster that was more or less undistorted, except for some wobbly delay effect.

6. Opener Crez DeeDee played determinedly unhyphenated rock 'n' roll with a white Les Paul, a leather jacket, and long, chaotic hair. DeeDee is a doorman at the Rickshaw. The room was chatty during his songs and quiet afterward, when there's supposed to be applause. But DeeDee, who's a good talker, made fun of it. "This is a song we're going to sell a lot of cars with once we're done boring all these punk-rock people on a Tuesday," he said at one point. During the second-to-last song, a lot of people in the room found their heads nodding seemingly despite themselves.

Crez DeeDee

7. Did we mention the Spits were loud? Holy shit were the Spits loud.

8. The Rickshaw has a new bar upstairs where the old smoking room used to be. Last night as far as we could tell it was only serving bottled beer, but still: an upstairs bar. Sadly, the old foosball table was nowhere to be found.

9. Every Spits song sounded the same live. They definitely played "Die Die Die" and "Police" and (we think) "Sk8." But this is a feature of the band, not a bug. They name all their albums The Spits and just amend roman numerals so you can tell them apart, so doing the same thing over and over again is kind of their thing. On the albums, songs sometimes sound slightly different from each other. But live the only way you could tell them apart was through the recorded intros, or by straining to decipher the shouting -- which wasn't easy, because as we mentioned, the total noise of the performance is deafening.

10. Rickshaw Stop's 10th anniversary party continues all this week with Mikal Cronin, Geographer, YACHT, Cockblock and Leslie and the Ly's. Read more about it in our feature story.

-- @iPORT

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The writer must have been really drunk and got some stuff wrong:

1) It was Violent change that repeatedly said this was their last song.
2) The drummer was dressed as Ronald McDonald.
3) The Spits were loud, but not THAT loud. My Bloody Valentine is loud.

4) The writer forgot to mention that the Spits are the best band in the fuckin' world!

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