Photos From Jim Marshall, the Legendary Rock Photographer and 2014 Grammy Honoree

Jim Marshall
Johnny Cash at San Quentin, 1969.
The late Jim Marshall ranks as one of rock's all-time great photographers, having been seemingly everywhere at the right time. He was at Monterey Pop with Jimi Hendrix. At San Quentin with Johnny Cash. In the Village with Bob Dylan.

"Jim attributed his ability to capture the authentic, vulnerable and insane moments of the musicians he photographed to the unencumbered access he had with them," says Amelia Davis, who manages Marshall's estate. "He was able to spend time with them on planes, backstage, and anywhere else he could manage without time limitations and legions of other people telling him what, where, or how many minutes to shoot. That and the pureness that came from the lenses of his beloved Leica cameras."

This weekend, Marshall, who passed away in 2010, will be given the Trustees Award from the Recording Academy, a special award that acknowledges work in other areas besides music performance. Marshall will also be acknowledged in the Grammy telecast on Sunday.

In addition to taking many famous photos, Marshall also somehow managed to shoot one Grammy Award winner every year for the 55 years that the awards have existed. With the help of Marshall's estate, we've collected a few of his Grammy-year images here. You can find more on his website.

Boz Scaggs in 1976

Bob Dylan

Duke Ellington 1969

Stevie Wonder in 1973

Lennon and McCartney, 1966

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