Napa's Beleaguered BottleRock Music Festival Is Likely Returning This Year

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Watching the Black Keys on a screen at BottleRock 2013. The festival looks set to return this year.
BottleRock, the brand-new five-day music festival that spawned massive traffic jams and unpaid debts in 2013, looks poised to come back to the Napa Valley this year, according to the Napa Valley Register.

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Napa Valley Expo -- where Kings of Leon, the Black Keys, Alabama Shakes, and dozens of other artists performed last May -- has sent a contract to new promoter GSF Entertainment to hold the festival this year, tentatively June 20-22. GSK Entertainment is not affiliated with Willpower Entertainment, which organized last year's event. While the new promoters haven't yet signed the deal yet with the Expo, they have paid some $310,938 that the venue was still owed from last year's event.

That amount was only part of the total unpaid amount for production assistants and stagehands, transportation providers, and other vendors from the original BottleRock -- at least hundreds of thousands of which remains outstanding, according to the Register.

Again, the new organizers purchased the BottleRock name and other assets from the founders. A totally different group of people would be putting on this year's event. The June dates are only tentative at this time, and no lineup information has been announced yet. We'll obviously post more info as it becomes available.

[Napa Valley Register]

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I had an amazing time at this last year, I was there for three days, but I also have family in Napa, so I didn't get to see the traffic issue on the local highways, what I did see was the first night was traffic the first night in the downtown area, but on the second night they fixed the issue with traffic cops and large portable signs. I was impressed for a first time event. This brings in great revenue for the county. It is unfortunate that vendors did not get paid, I hope that this new group that purchased it can bring remedy that issue and give Bottlerock a good name.

Nick Brown
Nick Brown

Lets throw a party for the very wealthy and not pay the workers.

John Gilles
John Gilles

Hope they pay their vendors this time. I know a lot of local businesses are going to be reticent to work for them.

johnny137 topcommenter

Google: GSF Entertainment. First hit: MySpace. Yep, this is going to be a fun one to watch!

James Marshall Berry
James Marshall Berry

Lets hope they change the weekend.. that is the same weekend of the largest sporting event in the North Bay.. NASCAR.. no one will get a hotel room within 100 miles and good luck driving up from SF..

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