Listen: Happy Diving's "Never Been" Is Delightfully Sludgy Fuzz-Pop

Excessive fuzz pedals and poppy melodies make lovely bedfellows. We've seen this now in, among other places, Dinosaur Jr., Guided By Voices, early Weezer, and more locally/recently in Tony Molina. The combination works again to lovely result in "Never Been," newly released from East Bay rockers Happy Diving on the local Father/Daughter label. Barely two-and-a-half minutes long, "Never Been" is a poetic flash of buzzing contrition -- droll vocal delivery, distorted bass, requisite oooh-ooohing, and feedback. Lots of feedback -- just dive in, it feels wonderful. And do jump on the bandwagon quick, 'cause Pitchfork already cornered the band's last (also excellent) single release, "Sincere," late last year. Happy Diving's self-titled debut EP (which features "Never Been") is due out digitally this Tuesday, Jan. 14 (with a cassette on Feb. 18), and, well, this is probably a band you'll wanna keep tabs on.

And more, 'cause why not:

-- @iPORT

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