Listen: Ben Chasny and Donovan Quinn Have an Eerie New Single, "The Killers and Me"

Well this is creepy.
Ben Chasny, of local outfits-of-note Six Organs of Admittance and Comets on Fire, has a new project with Donovan Quinn of twisted folk-rock outfit the Skygreen Leopards. Together they are New Bums, and have a debut full-length, Voices in a Rented Room, coming out this Feb. 18. The first single from the album is a haunting ballad called "The Killers and Me,' which combines hushed, nearly-whispered vocals, a lonely piano, and beautiful acoustic guitar work under a disorienting storyline. The accompanying black and white visuals are rather nightmarish: there's a messy apartment filled with odd art, guns, and people doing strange things. The whole thing has the air of a crime scene -- which, well, is appropriate:

New Bums perform at the Chapel on April 13. You can hear more music over at their Bandcamp page.

-- @iPORT

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