Listen: Bart Davenport's Smooth, Wistful Pop Tune "Wearing the Changes"

Mareesa Stertz
Bart Davenport and his new band.
Longtime Bay Area musical presence Bart Davenport is known for his tunefulness and his crooning, among other things, and both are on display in "Wearing the Changes," a new wistful, bittersweet pop single about aging gracefully and staying cool. The whole thing has a vaguely Anglophone tint to it, from Davenport's almost-accent and image-rich lyrics to the Belle & Sebastian/Orange Juice glint to the clean electric guitars. It's an encouraging introduction to the new work on Davenport's upcoming album Physical World, out on the esteemed Burger Records March 4 -- encouraging enough that we might just forgive him for having recently moved to L.A. Check out "Wearing the Changes" here:

-- @iPORT

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