Kirk Hammett To Perform With Exodus, His Old Band, at Fear FestEvil in Feburary

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As any self-respecting metalhead knows, Kirk Hammett was not Metallica's original lead guitarist. He joined up after fiery redhead and consummate asshole Dave Mustaine got the boot. And Hammett wasn't just out there in the ether, doing nothing -- he was slinging axes for one of the Bay Area's other thrash metal greats, Exodus.

Nowadays, Hammett, who lives in his native S.F., has a habit of showing up to jam with local metal veterans who happen to be in town. (Remember when he played with Anthrax?) Usually it's a surprise, but today, Hammett announced that he will be rejoining his old band mates in Exodus when they play a big show in S.F. next month.

Exodus will perform at Hammett's own horror and metal gathering the Fear FestEvil on Friday, Feb. 7, at Regency Ballroom. And Hammett won't be with them for the whole set, but he will be up there. "EXODUS is stoked as fuck to announce that none other than Kirk Von Hammett himself will be jamming with us during our encore at FEAR FestEvil," says Exodus' Gary Holt in a statement today. "What song? Hmm, that remains to be seen! I guess you will have to be there to find out!"

Guess so! Hammett will also join Bay Area metal stalwarts Death Angel for their encore at Fear FestEvil, which runs Feb. 6-8 at the Regency. For more on Hammett's Fear FestEvil, check its website, or watch the video above.

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