Here Is the Google Bus Song You Always Knew Was Coming

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Watch out, Oakland
Google bus doing donuts? BART dis? Bitcoin reference? Twerking nerd lyrics? Yes, everything you hoped and dreamed of -- well, except for an S.F. setting -- is here in "The Google Bus Song" by three non-Googlers called CACHEBOX. Watch and laugh, or maybe wince:

-- @iPORT

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Esperanza Fernando
Esperanza Fernando

seriously, that was pretty funny. gotta love me some NERDS. stay humble. ;)

Jimmy James
Jimmy James

that was so fucking awful i couldn't get past the first 10 seconds.

Bonnie Blake
Bonnie Blake

So crazy, here we have clone drones on the way to the hive thinking they are queeen bees.

Erick Santero
Erick Santero

El Kool Kyle Kiaran Cheevers Piero Amadeo Infante@baylandorecords

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