Behold: DrumPants Exist (And They're Exactly What They Sound Like)

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The ol' rooftop solo jam just got DISRUPTED
You've been slapping out rhythms on your thighs since you were a wee tot, but what did you really get out of it? Just a few dull thwaps and some painfully inflamed skin, right?

Well, that's all about to change. DrumPants are a wearable, customizable device that turns our pants -- or other garments -- into decent-sounding electronic drums (and other instruments). And you can buy them right now, for $139.99. Seriously. (You'll get them in May.)

[Aside for those who don't live in San Francisco: Yes, here in the City by the Bay, people spend their time inventing things like a way to play drums (or piano, or organ) on their pants. You can make fun of that all you want, say it isn't important, whatever. We're making dreams come true, people. And now, we'll just be over here going Neal Peart on our Levi's.]

Okay, so, where were we? DrumPants! They exist! You can play them through headphones, or, for maximum Muni-riding, funeral-pranking pleasure, out loud! You can even use them as a MIDI trigger and connect them to fancy music software on you computer or tablet. (There are other, less exciting uses that we won't go into here.)

If you're still not clear on the concept, and why it's so terribly precious and yet so funny and exciting, well, didn't you drum on your desk in school? Just watch the above video (and note the presence of local band Battlehooch). Finally: Who's up for a DrumPants circle in Golden Gate Park this weekend?

-- @iPORT

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