A-Plus and Aagee Get Lost Inside the EDM Matrix in "Blue Tear Drops"

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We thought the age of everyone jumping on the EDM train came and went a couple of years ago. We were wrong. Here is East Bay indie-rapper-of-note A-Plus with a new album unsubtly titled Molly's Dirty Water, and a single whose video trades in all the sensory stimulation you can find outside of an Oracle Arena massive. "Blue Tear Drops" is spacey track with -- get this -- no rapping, only lots and lots of digital atmosphere wafting over a trip-hoppy mid-tempo beat. It's too ineffectual to be terrible, but certainly far from compelling, and the accompanying clip trades largely in stock dance-scene imagery: crowd silhouettes, pulsing EQ meters, and futuristic neon robotics. There are some vertical horizons in there, too. And runners. And windmills. We couldn't tell you why.

Apparently A-Plus didn't make a deliberate effort to go EDM, it just sorta happened that way. "The project started off as hip-hop, but as we pushed our creative boundaries [it] uncontrollably morphed into a hip-hop/electronic hybrid," he says in a statement accompanying the album's release today. "It is a true reflection of my creative freedom as an artist." Can't argue there, we s'pose, but just because one can do something doesn't mean they should. Stream all of Molly's Dirty Water here, but be warned: our initial spin hints that A-Plus might be every bit as awkwardly late to the bass drop/happy pill train as "Blue Tear Drops" suggests.

Oh, and if you wanna ask A-Plus what's up with this new sound, he'll be hosting a Ustream Q&A session at 5 p.m. on Tuesday, Jan. 21.

-- @iPORT

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