Watch: Which of These Pop Lyrics Did You Mishear in 2013?

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No, she won't!
To be honest, 2013 didn't strike us as a year of particularly confusing pop songs. "Get Lucky?" Yeah, we got it. "Trouble?" We knew it. "Blurred Lines?" We didn't really want it, but Robin Thicke sure thought we did.

Still, for those of you who thought it was weird that Miley's friend came in like a rainbow, or wondered why Daft Punk wanted to rob a Mexican, here's a video round-up of all the most misheard pop lyrics of 2013. You might find that some of them are better than the originals. Or you might find that you knew these lyrics right the first time. Either way, this is good for a few laughs:

[via Pleated Jeans]

-- @iPORT

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