The World's Actual Highest-Paid Musician Is... Deceased Michael Jackson

Remember this as you sort through Forbes' ever-fascinating list of Musicians Who Still Make Lots of Money: It's limited to living artists only. Quite sensibly, sure, but the scrilla scared up by your Madges and Gagas and Bruces and Jovis, Bon does still pale -- well, not quite pale, but doesn't nearly match -- that earned by the True King of Pop, His Immortal Greatness, Michael Jackson.

Madonna topped out at $125 million. Next on the list, Gaga raked in $80 mill. Hell, Diddy (No. 12) scraped together $50 million shilling shitty clear liquor. But MJ? Whoo-boy...

$160 million is the late pop star's estate's gross income for 2013, as reported by Forbes.

And on a list that reads like a battle of old names against newer ones -- Bieber vs. Bruce, Taylor vs. Toby Keith, Coldplay and Queen Bey -- consider it the ultimate triumph of the past (and the King of Pop) that a dead Michael Jackson still beats a living everyone else... by exactly $35 million.

-- @iPORT

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Carmichael Caudron
Carmichael Caudron

one more pedophile off the streets. who cares how much money he makes post mortem, the lawyers are keeping the earnings and the victims are just fucked.

Max Sternberg
Max Sternberg

Foreverland...A 14 Piece tribute to Michael Jackson is keeping MJ's spirit & music alive here in the Bay Area!


I'll tell you who is really fucked here, for it is YOU. 

Get your facts right before you start saying stupid shit like that. You're starting to look like a fucking idiot

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