Skrillex to Deafen Small and Large San Francisco Venues For One Week Next Year

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Skrillex at Outside Lands 2012
Basically just leave those earplugs in for a week straight next February, 'cause the young king of clatter, the wizard of wobble, the Brahmin of Bangarang -- Young Sonny "Skrillex" Moore himself -- is going to bury San Francisco in a heap of dub-bro-step-metal. For seven shows in nights in six nights. At venues both small and large.

They're calling it a Skrillex "Takeover," though you are free to call it A Good Week to Go Out of Town. Because c'mon, there is no amount of drugs that will make seeing Skrillex six nights in one week humanly possible, let alone fun. Well, okay, there probably is, but you can afford it neither financially nor biologically. [Attn: Derek Opperman -- consider this one assigned.]

Mister Moore will not be shredding eardrums and Molly budgets by his lonesome, either: he's coming with an assortment of guests and openers that includes A$AP Rocky, Jack Beats, Craze, and other such jockeys of cacophony. The Week of Sleepless San Francisco begins Monday, Feb. 3 at the Independent (this is where we remind you that the Independent is way smaller than venues Skrillex normally plays) and continues, moving to slightly larger rooms, until the finale, Saturday, Feb. 8, at the cavernous Bill Graham Civic Auditorium. All told, Skrillex's schedule of mayhem looks something like this:

Monday 2/3 - with Craze and Louisahhh!!! at the Independent
Tuesday 2/4 - with UZ and David Heartbreak at Regency Ballroom
Tuesday 2/4 - "????????"
Wednesday 2/5 - with Etnik and Seven Lions at Mezzanine
Thursday 2/6 - with Samo Sound Boy at the Warfield
Friday 2/7 - with Jack Beats and GTA at the Fox Oakland
Saturday 2/8 - with A$AP Rocky, Alvin Risk, and Tokimonsta at Bill Graham Civic

In case this sounds like a neighborhood nuisance worse than the line at Ike's or the annual horrors of Santicon, take comfort in the fact that San Francisco is not facing it alone. Skrillex will be deafening the mass public of other hamlets like Brooklyn, Barcelona, and Amsterdam this year also. He has previously tortured Los Angeles and New York City proper, accounts of which are, well, intriguing.

-- @iPORT

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Christian Daun
Christian Daun

She is NOT an "artist" and the turntable is NOT an instrument....

John Gilles
John Gilles

I know I'm not supposed to like it, but I love it. Oh well.

Jack Coleman
Jack Coleman

This guy is far from a musician. UGH NO!!!

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