S.F. House Where Janis Joplin Hung Out Now Goes For $1.3 Million, Does Not Include Mercedes-Benz

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Janis Joplin inside the Bernal Heights home that might have sold this week.
In the San Francisco of the '60s, you could walk around naked, eat for free, sleep for free, get drugs for free, and have sex with whoever you wanted, whenever you wanted, all while totally bombed on drugs you didn't pay for. And you'd probably encounter some super-famous musicians while you were doing it (or them).

Alas, that is not our San Francisco.

11 Wright St. in Bernal Heights
In our San Francisco, modest three-bedroom houses known for having once hosted an iconic '60s libertine sell for millions of dollars to people who (most likely) not give away their drugs or their bodies. Sigh. Bernalwood brings us news of the pending sale of a local Victorian this week -- a house where Janis Joplin once partied -- the asking price for which is a cool $1.3 million. It looks like a nice house, and if we had $1.3 million we might consider living there. But only if the sellers would also throw in a Mercedes-Benz for that price. Or maybe a "Porschee." Or at least some good drugs.


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Rick English
Rick English

I was (still am) a Joplin fan. Perhaps you've heard Alabama Shakes. I just discovered them. This girl sends chills up my spine. Very much in the style of Janis. If you're not already familiar look up "Hold On" and "Always Alright" on YouTube.

Ryan Summers
Ryan Summers

Given the price of SF real estate right now... that's pretty cheap... My neighbors house went for $2 million and it's not something to write home about.

Josie Fisher
Josie Fisher

Janice Rocked! Considering it's California…and San Fran at that where real estate is off the charts anyway, I imagine the owners feel that they hit the mother lode buying this house so rich in history.

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