Metallica Finds San Francisco Too Warm, Plays Show in Antarctica

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Freeze 'Em All
Because San Francisco isn't chilly enough right now, the members of a marginally famous local rock 'n' roll band called Metallica went somewhere a little colder for a one-off show this weekend.


Yes, yes: The band went all the way to the helipad of Argentina's Carlini Station in Antarctica to play continent's second-ever major rock show for a small crowd of contest winners, research scientists, and its own crew, all inside a big clear dome. The event was dubbed "Freeze 'Em All," although thankfully no one was trapped under ice. But because Antarctica isn't Candlestick Park or the Fillmore, they had to do things a little differently -- like play with no amplifiers. To protect Antarctica's fragile environment, the band's sonic hailstorm was instead transmitted through wireless headphones to the assembled crowd. (Don't worry, the guitars were still electric and pointy.)

The setlist included only 10 songs, but among them were fan favorites like "Creeping Death," "For Whom the Bells Tolls," and "Seek and Destroy." Metallica apparently did not play "Trapped Under Ice," which was probably a smart move. You don't want to tempt fate like that.

The performance was not the first-ever rock concert in Antarctica -- turns out the U.S. research station there even hosts a regular open mic night. But it does mean that Metallica has now performed on every continent on planet Earth. Which leaves only one place to go, right? We give it about five years before the band members announce plans for a show on Mars.

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Michael Richmond
Michael Richmond

metallica sucks big yellow snowballz! they should just stay there & freeze to death TRAPPED UNDER ICE! HA!

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