Journey Guitarist Marries Reality TV Star in Pay-Per-View S.F. Ceremony

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Schon and Salahi
Journey guitarist Neal Schon wed reality TV star and presidential party-crasher Michaele Salahi at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco on Sunday.

In a first for a garish semi-celebrity wedding, you could pay $14.95 to watch it live on television. But unless you were invited, you couldn't visit the public-owned Palace of Fine Arts yesterday. Schon and Salahi paid $246,000 in city fees to get it to themselves.

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"It's an inconvenience for people," longtime local resident Helen Gurman told the Examiner. "It's really unfair."

It was officially called a "Winter Wonderland Wedding and Music Event."

Sammy Hagar was there, and Journey performed while Salahi watched onstage from a stool.

The Chronicle described its setting as "a frosty ice palace setting straight out of a fairy tale ... [at the reception,] 36 crystal chandeliers hung overhead, and guests sat at silver-gilded wood tables with white lace runners, vases of white roses and white long-stemmed tulips."

It was arguably San Francisco's second famous music marriage event of the year, after Kanye West proposed to Kim Kardashian at AT&T Park in October.

But it's unclear how many people watched the pay-per-view wedding, which promised to donate some of its proceeds (amount unspecified) to typhoon relief in the Philippines.

This will be Schon's fifth marriage. Clearly, he has not stopped believing.

[SF Gate]

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who cares...?

Mel Greene
Mel Greene

Why bother, go looks at the Barbi collection at Toys r Us instead. They can't flap their stupid mouths. GO AWAY!

Cornelius Loewenstein
Cornelius Loewenstein

Wasn't a headline recently "SF best place to raise kids"? -With THAT as a role model, environment, reality? -Hell, NO!

Mickey Warnock
Mickey Warnock

I wonder how many suckers actually paid to watch that crap?

PJ Lugo
PJ Lugo

That place is uhhh....covered in swan shit. Really? Lol

Art Schembri
Art Schembri

Who cares!! Both of them are a waste of space.

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