E-40 Released Three New Albums Today, Making it 12 in the Last Three Years

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E-40 is a goddamn machine. He's the Huffington Post of rap songs: more content, more content, more content. Any way you look at the numbers, the Vallejo rap godfather and Bay Area slangmaster is on an epic run of releasing music. Today Uncle Earl released The Block Brochure: Welcome to the Soil Parts 4, 5, and 6 -- three full-length albums of new material. He did the same thing last year with Block Brochure parts 1, 2, and 3. In 2011, he released two full Revenue Retrievin' albums that were sequels to the first two albums in that series, which came out in 2010. And on top of this, he also released a pair of albums with fellow Bay OG Too $hort last year.

In case you're math-challenged, we'll add it up for you: E-40 has released 12 albums in the last three years. Yes, 12. And don't bother bringing up Lil B.

The six-part Block Brochure project catapults Forty, as far as we can tell, to the all-time upper echelons of multiple-album series, numerically past Led Zeppelin (who only got to four), but behind Mannheim Steamroller, which got to 10 installments in its Fresh Aire series. (This is of course if you don't count massive projects like Pearl Jam's official bootlegs, which you shouldn't because they're multiple recordings of the same songs, not new, separate albums under the same series.)

So, E-40 meets history once again. And it's not like he's winning in a vacuum -- his recent albums have been greeted respectfully by critics and happily, it seems, by fans. E-40 dominated Bay Area urban radio last year with "Function," which was the second single off the second volume in the Block Brochure series. The young rappers from the Bay and elsewhere show him respect. He just started a wine label.

He's even thinking about putting out an app with all the slang terms he's coined over the years, like "slaps," "po-po," and even, if you believe him, "fo'shizzle." Which sounds like a great idea -- but only if he does it in a nine-part series, of course.

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