DJ Parker "FOODCOURT" Gibbs Gives Back, But Only After Giving Hell

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Mike Hendrickson
Parker Gibbs, aka DJ FOODCOURT
From the latest SF Weekly:

Holiday Craptacular: Every year, DJ Parker "FOODCOURT" Gibbs throws a holiday party at the Make-Out Room that shows off his signature style, where he gets his musician buddies together and has them all play a revue-style show with a house band, performing covers, holiday songs, or originals. In between performers, Gibbs gets on the mic and, as he says, "berates people." Lots of drinks are had. He calls it "The GIBBSMO Holiday Craptacular," a name for which he's gotten some crap. "At the beginning," he says, "people didn't like the name: 'I don't like the name "Crapctacular," it just sounds kinda mean.' I'm like, 'Fuck you guys. That's what it is. We're throwing a bunch of shit on the wall and seeing what sticks. It's fantastic and people love it.'" [continue reading]

Subterranean Rush Hour Blues: You hear them every day. And if you don't hear them -- if you've got your ear buds in and someone else's voice in your head -- you still see them. Street musicians, or what some people (maybe on the East Coast) call buskers. The idea's been around forever, and certainly in a city once so dedicated to public displays of art, the street musician was even more a fixture of the urban landscape. Now that so many of us carry our own music in our pockets, the musicians seem strangely anachronistic, like ... well, like a cable car running through a city... [continue reading]

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