Your Friends Have Left Town and Your Family's Making You Crazy

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In a city of full transplants, the holidays can be a weird but rather fun time to be a native Bay Arean. Everybody does their brief mass exodus thing back to wherever their parents live, and suddenly there are all these parking spots! Bars that are usually packed to the point of being untenable are noticeably less claustrophobic!

And then, of course -- if your folks are still around -- you're left to face the fact that you have no excuse not to spend days upon days of quality time with the family. From personal experience, eating and drinking your way through it only goes so far, i.e., the second time you reach for whiskey before noon, at least one family member is going to give you a funny look. If not, please invite us over.

Here are a few weekend escape plans for everyone else.

1. Get your twang on with Misisipi Mike & the Midnight Gamblers tonight, Nov. 29, at Great American Music Hall. Prolific songwriter Misisipi Mike Wolf and his supporting cast of roguish pickers -- we heard their new-ish fiddler recently elsewhere and he's awesome -- have been seducing the Bay Area in a cowboyish way for years now. Your whiskey will be very welcome here.

2. A parent-friendly option: Make your mom's week by taking her to the annual Sound of Music sing-along at the Castro this Saturday, Nov. 30 at 1 p.m., with live "Barbary Coast music" from Blackie Norton's Paradise Club Band at noon. They're actually pretty fun and to be honest, you likely wouldn't be the only person drinking in the theater.

3. A less parent-friendly option, unless you yourself liked Suicidal Tendencies when you were a young teen and are now in fact a parent: Suicidal Tendencies this Sunday, Dec. 1 at the Oakland Metro Operahouse. Because, true story, nothing says familial angst like this classic:

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