The Headphones Project Asks Local People What They're Listening To

Headphones Project
Lou Reed, "Walk on the Wild Side"
Everyone roams the streets of the city while ensconced in their little earbuds. But what is that girl rocking out to on Muni, anyway? We wonder such things a lot, and now there's a local blog dedicated to finding out. It's called the Headphones Project, and, according to its author, Kiran Umapathy, the basic premise is simple:

"I ask strangers wearing headphones what they're listening to."

This turns out to be a rather cool premise, because Umapathy gets photos and basic biographical information about the people, and because they're often listening to interesting and/or unusual things. The guy sitting on a brick wall in Oakland is listening to Northwestern University Trumpet Ensemble, for instance. The cool dude chillin' in the Lower Haight is listening to Ani DiFranco. On a sunny day at Ocean Beach, one woman is playing Pink's "Fuckin Perfect" while taking pictures.

Anyway, it's fun little bit of online community, with photos from other places along the West Coast along with S.F. Check out the Headphones Project.

-- @iPORT

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Ryan D. K. Brady
Ryan D. K. Brady

Sometimes the answer is "nothing, I just have headphones in so people won't try to talk to me"

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