Oakland Toy-Maker GoldieBlox Rewrites the Beastie Boys' "Girls" to Encourage Young Female Engineers (and It's Awesome)

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GoldieBlox, a barely-year-old company founded by Stanford graduate/engineer Debra Sterling that makes toys designed to inspire "the next generation of female engineers," recently debuted this ad, which we love for the following reasons:

1) It's a re-imagining of one of the Beastie Boys' most squirm-inducing songs -- we still get happy/nostalgic when we hear it on the radio but the lyrics embody the kind of casual sexism the late, great Adam Yauch could later be heard apologizing for;

2) It features a Rube Goldberg machine designed by Brett Doar, who created the contraption in the video for OK Go's "This Too Shall Pass" (also awesome);

3) Bad-ass little girls singing about how -- since they're human and all -- they like to use their brains, and they'd occasionally like some toys that aren't pink plastic crap designed to get them wearing makeup before they learn long division. We still have a soft spot for The Little Mermaid, of course, but if there's a six-year-old girl on your holiday shopping list, it wouldn't hurt to keep the Princess Machine in mind when you head to the store.

-- @emmaruthless

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