Mad Noise, the Funky, Hardworking Bay Area Street Band, Launches First Album, Tour Fundraising Effort

Mad Noise, via Facebook
Mad Noise, the ubiquitous, scandalously funky acoustic/jazz/punk ensemble that haunts streetcorners and sidewalks from Berkeley to the Mission, has recorded its debut album -- and you can hear the first song from it, "Danger," below. The band also just launched a fundraising effort on Indiegogo to help pay for a West Coast tour, with packages ranging from a $10 digital download to a private house concert ($600) or a new acoustic guitar and lessons ($750). We've long been fans of this hyperliterate crew of humble musicians, of course, but the strongest argument for helping Mad Noise just might be the smoky blues-funk of "Danger," the first song on the new album. They can perform their alchemy in the studio, too:

Here's their fundraising pitch video:

And here's the first song from the new album:

You can help out Mad Noise's fundraising efforts here. And for more info on this hardworkin' crew of street playeres, go here and here.

-- @iPORT

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