Google Glass Adds Music, Young Guru Manages to (Kind Of, Maybe) Make It Seem Cool

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Young Guru, pulling these off better than most people, which really isn't saying much.

Remember when Shazam seemed kind of cool? Shazam is no longer cool. You know what's cool? Sitting alone in a Mexican restaurant and demanding, out loud, that your Star Trek-inspired eyewear identify the song that the restaurant is currently playing on the radio. Without ever having to lift a finger!

At least, that's what this video almost had us thinking for a minute. To illustrate the new music features that Google Glass will be rolling out over the next couple of weeks to its beta-testing "Explorers" -- including hands-free access to Google Play, streaming and downloading, the aforementioned restaurant song-finder, headphones and more -- the company turned to DJ/producer/cool person Young Guru, who mixed 10 out of Jay-Z's 11 albums and and who is currently an artist-in-residence at USC.

Okay, so maybe the ability to incorporate street noise (or the sound of someone chopping peppers, whatever) easily into a beat is potentially really interesting, as are the technology's implications for DJs. But the part about how you're never again going to need to hunt down a record after hearing it one time, out somewhere, and becoming obsessed with it? That's fun. That's part of being a music fan.

While we're on the grumpy old man tip, having the power to make song lyrics literally pop up before your eyes as the song's playing will change some other things about being a music fan, like that time in high school when your friend truly thought Macy Gray was singing "I wear goggles when you are not here" and everyone laughed so hard they cried -- that wouldn't have happened. But we digress. Google Glass! We all still think you're stupid-looking. We will all probably want you eventually.

-- @emmaruthless

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Jerald J. Cooper
Jerald J. Cooper

i wonder is the person who wrote that post title is "cool" .lol what you think Michael?

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