When Will Ariana Grande Get To Be Herself?


In case you are unfamiliar with her, Ariana Grande is a Nickelodeon child star who now has a job impersonating Mariah Carey  music career. This week, she released "Right There" with Big Sean -- a song that borrows from almost every Mariah Carey song ever released (except for the Christmas ones) but somehow still manages to be entirely devoid of personality.


Now, we know that this pretty-faced, overwrought, G-rated version of emotion is popular right now (thanks Glee, you utter bastards), but this little-girl-playing-dress-up routine is both tired and usually an indication that your own personality isn't fully formed yet. To further that point, Grande appeared on Jimmy Fallon doing a different dress-up routine a few weeks ago. It was kind of cute, but the entire thing just seemed like an exercise in getting her to say the word "fucking" on television.

There is no doubt that Ms. Grande is very pretty and has a fine singing voice, but she's one of those singers who belongs in the theater doing musicals -- at least for now. At least until she figures out who she is. Because, right now, every time this young woman releases a new song, it's like watching the same blank canvas getting painted by a completely different person. "Right There" is a throwaway song. We're sure Grande will do something better in future -- if her management will just let her figure out who the hell she wants to be first.

-- @Raemondjjjj

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