Treasure Island Music Festival: Your 2013 Schedule Is Here

The end of Hardly Strictly means one thing in the Bay Area: Our last big outdoor festival of the year is imminent. That of course is Treasure Island, the annual cool-kid confab on that flat pancake of fill in the middle of the Bay. And this year TI is bringing out folks like Thom Yorke's Atoms for Peace, Beck, Animal Collective, Japandroids, and Major Lazer for Oct. 19-20. Organizers just released the schedule for the festival, which -- to our great relief every year -- is staggered so that you can manage to see every live act. (That's one very nice thing about a smallish, two-stage festival.)

You can find the full Treasure Island schedule here. And if we could offer a couple quick recommendations, we'd say: Get there in time for Antwon on Saturday, check out Motion Potion's all-Radiohead DJ set at Silent Frisco (also on Saturday), and get close for maximum excitement when Japandroids play on Sunday.

Or just plan your own damn day with the full Treasure Island schedule.

-- @iPORT

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A disaster waiting to happen!

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