Top 10 Reasons to Quit the Office and Go To Hardly Strictly Right Now

The dance you do when you get to Hardly Strictly.
So it's a gorgeous October Friday, and there's a free music festival in the park where famous people are playing good music, and it all sounds just great. Only problem is that you're still stuck in the office, watching the clock tick away while the boss drivels on about TPS reports. Clearly this is an untenable situation, totally inappropriate, and must be resolved immediately. Here are a few excuses, etc., to help you get out of there.

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10. It's the most peaceful place in the city right now to take your medical marijuana prescription. Doctor's orders!

9. Because Bonnie Raitt won't be on the livestream.

8. You're seeking all possible advantages in your quest to win our HSB scavenger hunt.

7. Because Conor Oberst and friends like First Aid Kit are going to be there today, and you can't miss them.

6. It's the only day this weekend where you might even think of driving to the festival -- especially with reserved parking. (Although we'd still strongly advise against it.)

5. So you can bring your chair today and leave it overnight for a closer spot tomorrow!

4. You need to beat Karl there. Sure, Karl is the fog, and he may not even show up today, but just tell your boss that. They'll let you go.

3. There are only three stages going today, so you might actually be able to move/breathe/pee/get within a quarter-mile of the stage.

2. Gotta get in that blanket empire-building practice now, before the stakes get real.

1. Because Warren would've wanted you to.

-- @iPORT

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Austin Cruz
Austin Cruz

Bonnie Raitt is reason enough for me. :D

Teresa Secundus
Teresa Secundus

Enlightin Won - it is at Golden Gate Park every year.

Enlightin Won
Enlightin Won

three pages later I find the hours but still havent located the location...guess its top secret

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