Twerkers Take a Hike: Yiking is the New Dance in Town

Grandma yiking.
Just when you think you've had one milkshake too many and couldn't possibly dip it any lower, along comes a new dance craze taking America by storm, courtesy of the Bay Area.

Yiking at its most basic is extreme twerking. It entered the public consciousness earlier this year, when Fairfield rapper Sage the Gemini released the anthem "Red Nose." The dance's main command is indeed to shake it like a Red Nose pit bull, and just sway from side to side. But be warned that one must always be in complete control of the glutes when yiking. If you can't handle that, just stick to twerking.

Sound easy? Give it a try, but first learn the basics. Those who've mastered the art of yiking tend to be a very critical crowd.

1. It begins with a clear state of mind. Imagine you're an eccentric snake and then proceed to bend over.

2. Once bent, step out with your right foot and then the left.

3. Shift your weight from side to side, and repeat the motion back and forth.

4. Do not put your hands on your knees. It's considered passé in the yike community.

5. Once you start, you can't stop. Hear that, Miley? So be warned that yiking may lead to backache and whiplash, in which case you'll know you've done it right.

Practice makes perfect, so consult this tutorial when in doubt:

Or this one:

Or this one:

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Geez enough is enough already! Twerking, jerking, derking, zerking, shmerking etc......

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