S.F. Math-Rockers A Minor Forest Will Reunite For First Show in 15 Years

A Minor Forest, '90s S.F. math/post-rock trio and creator of some of the best song titles Thrill Jockey Records has ever committed to metadata ("Putting the Gay Back in Reggae," "John Gets Leftovers Again") is reuniting next month for its first show in 15 years. Formed after a bunch of friends from San Diego reconnected in the Bay Area, and with members including Andee Connors, co-owner of Mission hotspot Aquarius Records, A Minor Forest toured and released a couple of unpredictable, miserable, and sometimes terribly exciting records between 1992 and 1998, when it went on hiatus. And now the band has a one-off show planned for San Francisco next month.

The show is Nov. 9 at Bottom of the Hill, more specifically. And you can now win tickets by emailing Aquarius Records (see this link). Earplugs!

-- @iPORT

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not only that but a minor forest plans to play a show in Chicago and several shows on the east coast and Japan.  Not only that but they will be  re-releasing all the major Vinyl LP's  

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