Sacto Punk Band Films Porno on Westboro Baptist Church's Front Lawn

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Get Shot, masturbatory provocateurs.
So a Sacramento punk band called Get Shot filmed its female bassist pleasuring herself on the front lawn of the Westboro Baptist Church's headquarters.

Why did they do it? More like, why not? After all, this band already has its own free porn site. Gotta keep things interesting somehow. Plus, the Westboro Baptist Church is basically the worst, as the band pointed out in a Facebook-posted "Press Release!!!!" today.

"The Phelps family and Westboro Baptist Church are ridiculous and do nothing except spread hate and cause controversy. As a bisexual woman and the bass player of a ridiculous punk band, I wanted to spread my legs and cause controversy," says Get Shot's Laura Lush.

The stunt, of which there is a very low-quality and very-NSFW video over at Gawker, violated state obscenity laws, according to the band, but so far, there's little indication that anyone at the WBC actually cared. The church hasn't acknowledged the video yet, but the band claims someone from the Church's IP address spent 41 minutes looking at their website. Its Twitter exchange with the church is rather amusing:

Oh, but they're not done yet! Get Shot has even more ambitious hopes for the future:

"There was a lot of traffic and we saw a few cops at a coffee shop a few blocks away. We barley had enough gas money and cocaine to make it to Denver for our next concert," writes member J.P. Hunter. "Since we can't afford bail, we had to cut it a little short before the cops got called. If someone will bail us out, we will bring a group of girls and a whole camera crew when we come back in a few months."

There you have it. Send all future donations here.

-- @iPORT

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Christopher Socha
Christopher Socha

I beg to differ Chris Forte. Those fuckers at WBC deserve it, an eye for an eye!!!

Chris Forte
Chris Forte

I thought Sacramento had class? I love that city, what a shame a band from it does such a despicable thing. No matter how you feel about Westboro (and I do not like Westboro, myself fyi) filming something like this in front of it, in public is just sick. Would you all here support it if they did this in front of your church if they didn't like it for some reason? Poor Sacramento.

Serena Donovan
Serena Donovan

Hey Shari, yeah. We mouth breathin' Sacramento folk actually have a few punk bands. I know it's so fun and easy to pick on the city you have probably been to once in the last decade, but have you heard of a band called The Deftones? How about Death Grips, heard of them? Their album Money Store was on Pitchfork and many other critics' Top 10 lists last year. How about 7Seconds, one of the godfathers of 80's punk? Kai Kln, Groovie Ghoulies, Hella...I can go on. And I guess last but certainly not least, did you know Lux Interior and Poison Ivy from the Cramps met and lived and played in Sacramento for years?

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