Music Links: The Residents Actually Sell a $100K Box Set, Clarion Alley Block Party, and More

$100,000 for a refrigerator full of everything the Residents have released? Not bad...
So the Residents actually sold (and delivered!) one of their $100,000 box-sets-in-a-refrigerator. [NBC Bay Area]

Metallica to play in Antarctica, because apparently movie theaters weren't inhospitable enough. [Rolling Stone]

John Dwyer's Castle Face Records to release new "Live in San Francisco" series. The first record will be of White Fence. [The Bay Bridged]

If you aren't going to Clarion Alley Block Party this Saturday to see CCR Headcleaner, Devotionals, and a buncha other bands, you might kinda suck. [Mission Mission]

Chronicle reader angry over photo of Martha Wainwright, "who was obviously not wearing underwear." [SFGate]

Non-local bonus! Amuse yourself with the Pitchfork review generator. [Pitchfork Review Generator]

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