Local Startup Kids Do a "Royals" Parody, Completely Miss Point of Lorde Song

Saying it all.
Lorde's "Royals," which has now been on top of the singles charts for four weeks running, is a song about not having much money, and not minding that. In case you haven't heard it enough to know: "Every song's like Gold teeth/ Grey Goose/ Tripping in the bathroom," the New Zealand 16-year-old sings. "We don't care/ We're driving Cadillacs in our dreams."

It's pretty clear right? So clear that you'd think the smartypants at Silicon Valley startup accelerator 500 Startups would get the message -- and thus maybe not directly contradict it in a parody celebrating the amassing of wealth (and, of course, themselves). But that's exactly what some members of the latest 500 Startups class just did. Some sample lines:

"We don't care/ We're driving IPOs in our dreams."

"You can call us VCs/ And baby we'll grow/ Let me dream 'bout equity."

"We're here to make money."

Yep, really.


-- @iPORT

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Ahh, yes, they are the first people on the planet to ever do a start-up! Look how unique these little snowflakes are. There is nobody else that has ever been so intelligent or talented or so witty.

Fred Beringer
Fred Beringer

And I think SF Weekly totally missed the point of this parody.

Meagen Clendenen
Meagen Clendenen

maybe they didn't get the memo, we don't care, we aren't caught up in "their" love affair ........that kind of luxe ain't for us, we crave a different kind of buzz

Quest Henkart
Quest Henkart

wouldn't really be a parody if they followed the point of the song.. I believe that would make it a cover


the point of a "parody" is to contradict the original song however you want, is it not? It's not like they were doing a cover...

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