Hardly Strictly Bluegrass: The Acts You've Got to See, and Our Guide to Doing the Festival Right

It's here! Hardly Strictly Bluegrass: three days of free roots music in Golden Gate Park, and all the attendant daytime drinking, Muni crowding, barefoot dancing, and general good times that come with a massive music confab and gorgeous early-October Bay Area weather. To help you sort through the chaos, we've prepared a super-thorough guide to this year's festival, which you'll find below. (If you're in the city, though, do yourself a favor and find yourself a hard copy of this week's paper -- there's a special pull-out section with graphics and games that are best appreciated on the page.) But, hell, the Internet works, too. Here's our guide to Hardly Strictly '13:

First: our four approaches to doing Hardly Strictly, each with three days' worth of artists to see.

Next: Interviews!

Conor Oberst on how he got to present his own mini-lineup at HSB for the last three years.

Martha Wainwright on her upcoming tribute to mother Kate McGarrigle.

Trampled by Turtles on the sheer beauty of a music festival where you don't have to pay.

Locals the Brothers Comatose on coming up nationally, and why it makes them love their van.

Important: What to bring to Hardly Strictly, and how to build a blanket empire.

And now, fun stuff: Our HSB Celebrity Matching Game, plus a neato scavenger hunt to play between sets.

And lastly: Hardly Strictly sideshows -- the surprises you won't find in the park.

That's it. See you out there!

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