Flaming Lips Doc A Beautiful Fucking Experience Screening After Halloween Concert

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What to expect in both places.
It's Halloween night, aka tomorrow night, and you've just seen the Flaming Lips play a massive spectacle at Bill Graham Civic with Tame Impala. What do you do next?

Well, in lieu of going to a bar or whatever, you could head to the Roxie Theater, which is screening a new documentary about the Flaming Lips' bid last year to break the Guinness world record for most concerts performed in multiple cities in a 24-hour period. Yep, really. You could do that.

Called A Beautiful Fucking Experience, the documentary will screen for one night only at the Roxie, tomorrow, Oct. 31, at 11:59 p.m. (Which should allow plenty of time to get there from show.) Sage Seb's film follows the Lips on their MTV-assisted odyssey to perform shows in Memphis, the Mississippi cities of Clarksdale, Oxford, Jackson, Hattisburg, Biloxi, and finally Baton Rouge and New Orleans, all within one Earth day. It's narrated largely by Wayne Coyne, so you know it's going to be pretty amusing, at least. And, well, it's kind of a perfect thing to see after having just seen the 'Lips, isn't it?

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