E-40 Is Now a Wine Business: Introducing Earl Stevens Selections

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Joining the likes of Train, Tool, Primus, and many others, Vallejo rap godfather E40 is expanding into the fermented grape juice business. Yes, really -- check out Earl Stevens Selections, an enterprise offering the vinted liquid wares of yer favorite uncle Earl Fortywater.

Currently for sale are three wines: the Mangoscato ($19.99), an 18% ABV (!) creation whose "flavors of ripe mango and other fruit play gently on the palate" and a Function Red Blend ($14.99) of Zinfandel and Cabernet. The best wine, however, pretty much has to be the regular Moscato ($13.99), based solely on its description:

The aroma of this wine is over the top. The floral aromas pour out of the glass in a cacophony of honeysuckle, gardenia, orange blossom, white cherry, apple, pear and peach. WOW, this wine smells good. The flavors are very pleasant with lightly sweet layers of fruit. The finish is smooth, fruity and nicely balanced.

WOW, we're excited to try some of E40's wines. (Buy 'em here.) Also, we applaud him for going with a dignified name and label design, rather than, like, some really gaudy shit.

Cheers, '40.

-- @iPORT


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Eric Carlson
Eric Carlson

rap plus wine, two of the most boring topics ever

Karen Cassidy
Karen Cassidy

genevieve no way. Ooooo I got my second Chardonnay peeeemp!

Kiran Umapathy
Kiran Umapathy

"Jobs like the oil refinery, I'd rather work in Napa at the winery."

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