Broadway Idiot, Film About Billie Joe's Conversion to Musical Star, Is Coming to S.F.

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Billie Joe making his Broadway debut.
Update: Billie Joe Armstrong himself will be appearing at the Vogue Theatre in S.F. tonight, Oct. 18, to introduce the 7 p.m. showing of Broadway Idiot. More info here.

Original post: It's a completely reasonable question: How did Billie Joe Armstrong go from grimy 924 Gilman denizen, to world-famous rock-star, to a dude who wears make up and sings in a Broadway musical?

That's the question answered by Broadway Idiot, a new documentary about the making of Green Day's American Idiot Broadway show that's coming to S.F. this month.

Broadway Idiot Trailer from Broadway Idiot on Vimeo.

The doc goes behind the scenes of the development of American Idiot, starting at the Berkeley Repertory Theatre, and follows the production's move to New York and Billie Joe's eventual taking over the role of St. Jimmy -- his final, complete acceptance of the world of Broadway. We got to see the documentary at SXSW this year, and gained a new appreciation for the insane amount of work and attention to detail that went into creating the musical. Broadway Idiot comes to S.F. for one night only, Oct. 18, at the Vogue Theatre. More details on the website; check out the trailer above.

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