Five Reasons Pink Is a Total Fucking Badass

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Pink is hitting the Bay Area for two almost-sold-out shows this week, and we strongly suggest you consider attending. Why? Well, aside from the fact that -- judging from her last Bay Area performance -- lady knows how to put on a breathtaking show, this Pennsylvania native is a total badass. Don't believe us? Here are five things that prove our point.

1. "Sober" at the 2009 VMAs

When people think of memorable Pink moments, they usually go straight to "Glitter in the Air" at the Grammys in 2010. Because, that night, Alecia Moore climbed onto a trapeze, sang perfectly while dangling high above dudes in suits and ladies in fancy dresses, and ultimately emerged from a vat of (what was probably freezing) water, while continuing to sing perfectly. At the VMAs the year before though, Pink took the brave move of doing all kinds of insanely vigorous trapeze moves, relying only on a pasty for her one exposed breast, and a guy who had promised to hang onto her while she was 40-50 feet in the air, upside-down. That shit is so scary on so many levels, we don't even know where she found the balls to do it. Oh, and yes, she never missed a note, despite the sheer terror on the audience's faces.

2. The Nuremberg Incident

The problem with the sheer number of trust exercises involved with trapeze work in the middle of major tours with multiple stage hands is that sometimes your colleagues fuck up, don't strap you into you harness properly, and you end up getting propelled off the stage at an absurdly high speed. This happened to Pink in Germany in 2010, and, judging from the fan video that emerged afterwards, she dealt with the fact that she "couldn't feel [her] back" by merely cursing like a sailor and apologizing repeatedly to everyone in her general vicinity, while hopelessly assuring herself, in a gigantic arena, that "Nobody saw me." That, ladies and gents, is cojones.

3. Pink Might as Well Be in Rancid

Early in Pink's career, people didn't know what to do with a white girl who liked rock 'n' roll, but had a soul voice. It was a major struggle to find her niche and have a label be okay with the results. The joy of being globally successful though, is that you can hook up, later in your career, with dirty Bay Area punk rockers like Tim Armstrong from Rancid/Operation Ivy and write albums together. Most of Pink's Try This record -- including massive hits like "Trouble" and "The Last to Know" -- was a collaboration with Armstrong. Literally no one was mad.

4. Pink Proposed to Carey Hart on a Dirt Bike Run

Ladies in the Western world are socially conditioned to one day expect a suitor to propose -- a man on bended knee with a giant diamond, asking politely for your hand in marriage -- in a spectacularly beautiful place, with all of the trimmings associated with such an act. Pink, however, thinks that's all a bunch of BS. We know this because, back in 2005, she proposed to her motocross racer boyfriend Carey Hart by holding up a sign reading "WILL U MARRY ME? SERIOUS!" while he was in the middle of the Pro 250 Class finals in Mammoth, California. He said yes. Duh. Wouldn't you?

5. She Very Publicly Talked Shit About L.A. Reid

It's hard to find any artist in these lean times willing to talk shit about record industry bigwigs in public, for fear of what it will do to their careers. Pink, however, didn't just talk shit about super-powerful record executive, producer, and American Idol judge L.A. Reid, she did it in  (permanent) song form, all the way back in 2001. "Don't Let Me Get Me" was a little insight into what the music industry tries to do to you when you don't fit in -- and it named names. Props.

-- @Raemondjjjj

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