Data Confirms That We Talk About Twerking Waaay More Than We Talk About Syria

Image via Floating Sheep
You Twitter users probably know instinctively that twerking is a vastly more popular subject of discussion on the social network than possible war with Syria. (Thanks, Miley!) But how much more popular is kind of shocking -- and totally quantifiable, thanks to the researchers over at Floating Sheep (via Wired).

Image via Floating Sheep
Analyzing geocoded Tweets from around the country that reference "twerk" or "syria," the academics discovered that from July 1, 2012 to Sept. 11, 2013, 775,000 geocoded Tweets mentioned twerking, while only 75,000 mentioned Syria. Even in the last month, as our government threatened military action against the Syrian regime for using nerve gas on its own people, the suggestive ass movements known collectively as twerking got a mention in 133,000 Tweets, while Syria was the subject of just 43,000.

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Now what, you may ask, is the relationship between twerking and Syria? Mostly nothing -- except that, as Wired reminds us, the Onion contrasted the importance of the two in a devastating and hilarious and widely read article following the MTV Video Music Awards, thus forever linking Syrian war and vibrating bootie. That, and well, maybe there's some measurement of the sanity of the world to be taken from the vast difference in online discussion volume of a dumb white girl appropriating black culture and shaking her ass to sell records versus a powerful country possibly delivering explosive projectiles to the planet's most volatile region. Maybe something.

For more fascinating details and charts, including a country-wide breakdown of twerk vs. Syria Twitter popularity, head over to Floating Sheep.

-- @iPORT

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