S.F.'s Lil Dicky Wants To Be the Larry David of Rap -- Watch Him Get "Too High"

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Make that waaaayyy too high
Lil Dicky is the stage name of 25-year-old David Burd, a white Jewish San Franciscan who wants to be the Larry David of rap. He's off to an effective start with "Too High," a song and video in which Burd details the awful experience of being three or five or seven joints past buzzed: Leaving chicken nuggets in the oven, wondering what really happens when the sun goes behind a cloud, believing the cashier at the corner store is spying on you, and seeing the plot of Avatar for the contrived abomination it is. Plus not being able to do anything and thinking maybe you're going to die and/or should call your mom. If Larry David's signature was finding humor in the foibles and failures of the everyday, Lil Dicky is doing that for marijuana-inclined rap bros. It falls short when he tries too hard to be a "rapper," instead of just being him, but "Too High" is mostly clever and funny:

You can grab more Lil Dicky on his Soundcloud page.

-- @iPORT

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A cartoon sun waving its penis.... Oh San Francisco.

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