S.F. Punks Sweat Lodge Make a Gnarly Video While Driving Their Van Around the City

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Well, well, well: Sweat Lodge's "Throwing Rocks" is the kind of song and video that warm a cynical San Franciscan's calcifying heart: Gritty but tuneful skate-punk played by dudes in a beat-ass Plymouth van while driving around San Francisco and drinking cheep beer infused with airplane-bottle gin. And it's an excellent black-and-white video to boot. We hereby order you to go see Sweat Lodge when the band plays Oct. 1 at Bottom of the Hill, Oct. 5 at Hemlock Tavern, or Oct. 10 at the Knockout. Yes, we said order.

-- @iPORT

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I don't think that the author should assume that all band members are "dudes."  love sweat lodge, tho

Wes Grimm
Wes Grimm

goes back to pullin it outa yerass.

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