S.F. Band FayRoy Had All Its Gear Stolen in Chicago, and Needs Help

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FayRoy's missing van
This has become a depressingly familiar story: FayRoy, a surfy San Francisco rock band, has been touring the country for the last eight weeks. This week, while stopped in Chicago the band's van was broken into, and everything in it was stolen -- music equipment, cameras, merch, and even their own clothes. Now the band's four members are stuck in Chicago with no gear, no ride, and no underwear. They're spreading the word about the items stolen and asking for donations of $6 more in exchange for downloads of their album on Bandcamp. Here's the full story of what happened, according to the band's Kyle Fournier:

The members of FayRoy

We played a show the night before at a local spot called Moe's Tavern. The show was great, and it was probably some of the nicest staff we've met on the road so far. The owner, Moe, has been wildly accommodating in spreading the word about our situation and is getting the city involved.

Yesterday [Monday], we had an off day before heading to Ohio, and we stayed at a friend's house on the 700 block of N Wood St (People around here call it the Ukranian village). We were literally parked outside of the house we were staying in and sometime between 12am-4am it was nabbed while we were out on the town with some friends. We just did a little interview for the NBC 10'clock news and have been plastering it on all of our social media sources.

The van has just about every single thing we own in it. 6 guitars, 3 amplifiers, synthesizers, a drum set, camera equipment, surf boards, and all of our luggage. After recording this album, we sold our furniture and moved out of our apartments for the summer so rent wasn't involved with the tour expenses. Our lives are pretty much in our ride.

If you can offer any help or info, you can reach FayRoy through Facebook. Here (and above) is the Bandcamp page where you can donate if you're so inclined. Below is the band's interview with NBC Chicago:

-- @iPORT

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