Music Links: Please Shut Up at Hardly Strictly Bluegrass

The Sonics are coming!
Please refrain from chatting at Hardly Strictly Bluegrass. If you want to talk while picnicking in the park, the are 51 other weekends every year for that. [SFGate]

Oakland Music Festival arrives in a city that's standing taller than ever, culturally speaking [East Bay Express]

Seattle garage wonders the Sonics are headlining Total Trash Fest (!!!!!!!!!) [The Bay Bridged]

Tonight! Friday night magic in the Mission as the Knockout hosts Oldies Night. Leave it all on the dancefloor. [Mission Mission]

7x7 makes a playlist for the America's Cup. And it's not yacht rock! [7x7]

-- @iPORT

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Eric Carlson
Eric Carlson

the music is background noise for us discussing wine, real estate and other crap. evidently

Sean Kerns
Sean Kerns

The Bay Area has become more and more chatty over the last few years. I expect a little crowd noise but I've never been to so many shows where artist has to say something to the crowd....or read that Bob Weir melts down

@Eric Carlson 99% of the lyrics  hear dont even make sense, so basically the people talking are rapping over the music better than the singers in the bands

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